Hey, I'm Raymond Bukaty - but people call me Buck.

I'm here to write code and eat In-n-Out Burger, and I just submitted my pull request.

About Me

Stanford Computer Science, Class of 2020
Software Engineer
Virtual Reality Enthusiast, Beat Saber Fiend
Purveyor of rare memes


Python PyTorch C++ BigQuery
HTML5 jQuery Unity FL Studio Processing


Principles of Computer Systems,
Design and Analysis of Algorithms,
AI - Principles and Techniques,
From Languages to Information,
Convolutional Neural Networks,
Data Management and Data Systems

My Work

Stanford Research Internship

Interned with Ranjay Krishna in Fei-Fei Li's Stanford Vision and Learning Lab, contributing to the Engagement Learning project. Here's a cool visualization I made of the Visual Genome dataset as a small project while I was there. Summer 2018


Exploring Behavioral Cloning and Reinforcement Learning in Crypt of the NecroDancer for CS231N: Convolutional Neural Networks for Visual Recognition. Spring 2018

Laser Lair

A 3D puzzle game about using robots to get through a booby-trapped puzzle lair, made for CS248: Interactive Computer Graphics. Winter 2018

Boundless Mind

I was a web dev intern at early stage company Boundless Mind, and I designed and constructed a web-based Business Intelligence dashboard for the sales team. Summer 2017


I participated in Stanford TreeHacks with 3 friends. We built a simple, fun VR experience for the HTC Vive in which you splatter paint around a massive white room. Winter 2017